“Proper Planning, Timely Development and Quality Delivery and always keep our clients & customer on a better side. ”

Software projects are inherently complex, risky and require careful planning. Planning software includes development, estimates, staged development, requirements capture, and risk and change management control procedures, business case studies, user interface prototypes and overall project control.

Proper planning ensures that the project doesn't move away from its targeted goals while the customer gets a clear definition of the project and is in the know of the project status and has ready access to project deliverables at any point of time.

To ensure the timely and quality delivery for 100% client satisfaction we implement the following :

Prototypes & Staged Deliveries

Comprehensive Bug Management

After the end of every week, we send a Status Report to our clients telling them about:

Weekly Status Report

Bugs are part of every product development process. How do you track the bugs you find during product development and after? Bugs that are found but not properly tracked might slip away. ANAAD It Solutions Pvt. Ltd uses the leading bug and defect-tracking tool Bugzilla for bug management, which leads to :

Knowledge Management System

ANAAD It Solutions Pvt. Ltd understands the power of Knowledge Management, and has in place a KMS in all the technical departments to ensure that we solve a problem just once. This drastically reduces the time of solving some of the most common, but difficult problems.

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